Installation of Polystyrene Insulation on Fiberglass


Insulating a home can be performed by setting up a blend of  fiberglass  and the polystyrene foam  insulation . Generally the fiberglass filling is utilized in between the hoops of the walls that are outside the home and is set up from indoors. On the other hand the polystyrene foam insulation is generally set up and fixed to the externals side of a home. The polystyrene  insulation  and the  fiberglass   insulation  combine in a form where the polystyrene filling is set up on the  fiberglass  one. Given below I have provided the process by which these two kinds of insulation can be combined.

Utilize a measuring strip in order to determine the proportions of the place that requires to be covered with polystyrene foam insulation. Determine the altitude from the peak to the base and then measure the breadth from sides. Buy the  panels  of polystyrene  insulation  from any house development store. Utilize the calculations that have already been taken of the entire place in order to decide the number of panels you must buy.

First of all set up lone panels as they will not require to be slashed for fitting. Now set a  panel  straightly on the  fiberglass  filling and then fix it to the side. Utilize a mallet and fixers to secure the panel of the filling to the hoops in the side. Afterwards determine the dimensions of places that will require a particular range of filling cut. Always remember to create a mark on the  panel  of  insulation  with a pen or marker at the place from where you are going to cut it. Finally take the help of a sharp blade or saw in order to slash the  panel  of the filling to accurate dimension and afterwards fix it on the  fiberglass  filling on the wall.


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