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How To Build Jon Risch’s DIY Acoustic Panels

[ad_1] Jon Risch’s DIY acoustic panels have changed my system more than any other tweak and component upgrade. After placing the panels at my listening room’s early and diffraction reflection points (two behind the speakers and four on the sidewalls (the two panels closest to me actually sit in easy chairs because I can’t move […]

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Summer

[ad_1] Summer can be a particularly challenging time for people who want to lead a green lifestyle. Longer, hotter days mean more hours indoors, which inevitably leads to higher energy consumption. With summer quickly approaching, it’s important to prepare your household for peak temperatures, ensuring you use energy as efficiently as possible. Here are a […]

How to Assess Different Types of Insulation

[ad_1] Insulation is a major issue for any type of construction, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. Basically, insulation is a building material designed to reduce heat loss through the exterior walls of the building. Since the 1930’s, fiberglass has been widely used all across the world, and it is still the most common […]

Disadvantages Of Using Fibreglass Insulation In A Cellar

[ad_1] Why do people use fibreglass? Fibreglass insulation is extremely popular with the DIY market for several reasons. Firstly, it’s readily available at all large home improvement stores; secondly, it’s cheap; and thirdly, it’s a lightweight material that’s easy to work with and simple to remove and replace. Your basement or cellar is very different […]

Dealing With Fiberglass Insulation in Air Duct Cleaning

[ad_1] Many commercial air duct cleaning contractors encounter fiberglass insulation in the air handlers, plenums and ductwork of the HVAC systems they are cleaning. Engineers originally designed in fiberglass insulation in HVAC systems for acoustical reasons (help control sound) or for thermal reason (to help prevent temperature loss). Dealing with fiberglass insulation can be a […]

Why Is Pipe Insulation Important?

[ad_1] Good insulation keeps heat in and out in certain conditions to maintain an ideal temperature. In homes and buildings where pipes serve as passage way for hot or cold water, insulation is a must. Insulating pipes is done for three main reasons: Preventing water in pipes from freezing During winter, the weather will freeze […]