Roofing Insulation Materials


There are many roofing insulation materials that you can use for your home. There are materials that are eco-friendly while there are ones that are expensive. Insulation is very important especially during summer and winter season as it could lessen and hold up the heat. If you do not know which ones you can use, you will be surprised at many options that are at your disposal. Below are some of the alternatives that you can use.

• Fiberglass batts – this material insulates your home quite well. It is the customary material that is used in older homes. However, this is not that eco-friendly as there are carcinogenic substances that are present in it. It has formaldehyde that is deemed toxic by the health experts. It will be detrimental for your health in the near future as you use it.

• Cellulose fiber – this is recycled materials made from old newspapers. Cellulose fibers are more expensive than fiberglass batts but it can further insulate your roof. This type of roofing insulation is blown into the area using a compressor. Normally, it would be treated first with boric acid. This is an environment-friendly way to make it resistant from fire and mildew. In addition, it has the capability to reduce the sounds outside your home. It also serves as vermin repellant as well.

• Sheep’s wool – this may be one of the most effective roofing insulation options. One of the natural advantages of the sheep’s wool is that it is flame retardant. In addition, it is moisture repellant. It lasts longer as it can be used for a few times. It can be composted as well so it is very eco-friendly. However, this is very expensive and might make a dent in your budget.

• Soy insulation – this type is one more earth-friendly alternative. It is made out of soybean oil. It is very easy to apply too. All you have to do is to spray it all on the roofing area especially in the parts that have cracks. It will fill in the cracks and when it hardens, it will also serve as a sealant. It is also resistant to flame and lengthens the life of your roof.

• Spray foam – as the term suggests, it is applied through spraying the foam from the nozzle. There are chemicals used in the materials such as phenolic, polyurethane and cementitious. Like soy insulation, it will also fill in the gaps in the cracks of your roof; thus, making your roof last longer. In addition, if there are no gaps, there will be no air leaks and the heat cannot escape during winter, preventing heat loss to your home. The temperature inside your home will be stabilized because of it. However, it will cost you big.

• Blankets and rolls – these materials are the traditional ways to insulate your roof. The materials will be spread out to the rafters. Of course, it needs to be attached as well. More often than not, the materials that are used in this option include fiberglass, natural fibers and wool. This roofing insulation solution can be effective in insulating your home but it may not be that useful with blocking radiant heat that the sun will emit.

• Radiant barrier foil – this solution may be the best alternative that you can have. It is attached to the rafter as well just like blankets and rolls. It can also be placed over an existing insulation so you do not have to exert unnecessary efforts to detach it. This material has the ability to reflect almost 100% radiant heat. It can store up heat that you can use during winter season and can block it during summer. In addition, this is very affordable. The only trouble that it could bring you is that it cannot insulate conductive heat.

• Radiant barrier paint – this functions very much the same with the barrier foil. It is also very efficient in reflecting radiant heat especially in the attic. But you cannot roll it out or staple it. Rather, it has to be painted. You might need to hire certified people to do the job for you so that it can be very effective. In addition, it is not as effective as foil so the amount of the reflected heat is decreased.

These are just some of the roofing insulation materials that you can use in providing padding in your roof. Choose the one that can give you the best value out of your money.