Crawl Space Wall Insulation – Keep Those Pesky Pets Outside Where They Belong


Crawl space wall insulation is necessary in unvented spaces to help reduce airflow and prevent moisture and rodents from entering the home through the ground. The space beneath your home can either be vented or not.

In order to protect your home from the elements that exist outside such as cold or hot air, mice, rats, other rodents, the earth’s gases, and moisture, you need to seal off the space under your home and insulate it properly. In addition to all of these great benefits, you also can and should save on your energy bills whether it be electric or gas.

First of all, before installing any type of insulation, you must take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. You need to wear protective headgear, eye goggles or glasses, gloves, sleeves, and pants. The materials used in insulation can be a skin irritant so it’s best to be safe.

For crawl space wall insulation you can do it yourself with a little know how. Follow these steps and you should begin to reap the benefits with your crawl space insulation.

1. Check out your local building code to see if any permits are needed and find out the regulations for installing the insulation.

2. You should seal off all vents. This is a prime area for air drafts and moisture to build up.

3. Make sure that any heaters, air conditioners, etc are sealed-combustion and include a power combustion system.

4. Make sure to seal off any air leaks.

5. Install fiberglass batt insulation to all exterior walls. Make sure to insulate the access door into the crawl space as well.

6. Check entire area for draft or places you may have overlooked. The space should be completely sealed off from the outside.

I recommend using fiberglass batt for your crawl space wall insulation, but it is perfectly acceptable to use a foam board as well. Check your local building code, but an exterior or interior foam should be fine.

Crawl space wall insulation should be a permanent fix and fastened permanently to the walls and extend all the way to the ground.

Installing wall insulation is a task that an experienced do it yourselfer can take on. As long as you use the proper safety equipment and follow the building code for your area then you should be able to successfully install crawl space insulation. You will reap the benefits of a safe, clean home with reduced energy costs for years to come. By installing wall insulation you can eliminate mold from under your house and keep out the pesky rodents as well. If you are not into reading your learning your local building code then it may be best to leave the crawl space wall insulation to a licensed contractor. It’s their job to know the code.

Are you ready to save money and rid your home of pests?