Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation – Use With Warning


There is a household in Florida that was exposed to friable fiberglass that has brought on a major wellness dilemma for the household. The spouse recently had a child and was worried about an itching on the pores and skin emotion that she and the other users of the household had been having. The household of 5 experienced a wide variety of eye, ear, pores and skin, and respiratory challenges. She was also complaining about a whole lot of white dust particles all more than her furniture and personalized belongings.

Six months prior to this time, the household had a licensed Insulation Contractor blow in added insulation on best of their current Builder installed Batting Insulation. They wanted to save cash on their electric invoice and considered this was the suitable way to go. Even the Electrical power Firm obtained into the act by offering them an incentive award to enhance the R Worth of the insulation of the residence. Seems fantastic would not it. Effectively this is only the commencing of a nightmare for this household.

We had been known as in to do an Indoor Air Quality Investigation and uncovered that they had the outdated model recessed lighting in the ceilings. There had been around 20 of these fixtures. The dilemma with the outdated model lighting was: there had been four slits on the attic facet which permitted the heat of the lights to dissipate. These slits had been three/eight” X two” extended. This equates to around a two”+ hole in the ceiling at just about every locale. Multiply this by 20 lights and you get a 40″ hole in the ceiling whole. Wow, which is a significant hole in the ceiling. These holes prevented the lights from overheating and triggering a fire. This is a fantastic thought for a fire hazard, but a bad thought for Indoor Air Quality and Blown-In Insulation. The 1 necessity with these outdated model lights was you could not deal with them with Insulation Batting. We observed a number of recessed lights with Blown-In Insulation masking them and within the lights also.

Soon after doing many air and tape samples, sending them to a lab, the benefits arrived back again constructive for fiberglass in the air and surfaces of areas examined. The 1st issue we requested the customer do was to clear away and put in the new sealed recessed lighting in the household. They employed a licensed Electrical Contractor, taken off all the fixtures and solved the air intrusion dilemma from the attic. That was only the commencing of the take care of, then they had to HEPA Vacuum and clean everything in the residence to clear away the friable fiberglass particles on the surfaces.

How would you like to stay this nightmare for more than 1 yr because of to the incompetence of 1 contractor who did not imagine the job through?

This is only 1 example of what is heading on in our building marketplace for the reason that of very poor organizing on the section of the contractor. Keep in mind, you get what you spend for the very low bid is not always the suitable man or woman for the job.

If you make your mind up to insert insulation to your attic, check with the Insulation Producer and see what their needs are right before choosing any person to do the job. Have your attic checked out 1st to see if there are any holes leading into the attic that can allow air intrusion into your residence. If you do this, you will not be faced with this variety of dilemma.

Upcoming on the listing, have the duct do the job checked for any variety of leakage and sealed. Verify all your electrical fixtures in the ceiling and seal them. Make positive the man or woman who does the repairs is proficient and is aware what they are doing or it will have an affect on you in the extended expression.

Warning: Observe all regional Creating Code needs. Give them a connect with and communicate to them.

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