The Three Important Types of Attic Insulation


Many people do not realize this, but attic insulation is a really good means in which you may dramatically reduce the energy bills of your household. Saving energy constitutes a really fashionable and argued issue in our present days, both amongst the masses as well as in the mass media. Attic insulation is an inexpensive and extremely effective solution, particularly if you can not afford expensive eco-friendly appliances.

A primary natural laws says that hot air always goes up. This is exactly the reason why lack of attic insulation always causes the hot air to rise up from the house and get straight outside through the roof. And this is precisely the use of attic insulation. It will stop the hot air from leaking out and it will truly cut back the running time amount of your furnace.

Likely the best-selling type of attic insulation is fiberglass batt insulation. It is in reality what nearly everyone envisions in their mind’s eye when thinking about attic insulation. Fiberglass batts are actually long strips that can be colored in yellow or pink. Besides the fact that this special insulation type is extremely easy to install, fiberglass batts can have varying R-values, which constitutes an advantage too, as you must customize your R-value taking the advisable value of your area into consideration. You can either choose to incorporate a vapor barrier or not.

Secondly, another cool option is cellulose attic insulation. It has a fundamental advantage over the fiberglass batts, the fact that it is way more affordable. Still, there is a catch to this: regular people can not apply this type of insulation themselves, and professional service is often needed. This fact will slightly increase the cost of its installation. Cellulose is a loose material which gets blown on the floor of your attic, covering even the tiniest hole or gap. The perfect installation is a homogenous blanket. Also, if you treasure the environment, you will be delighted to know that cellulose is a very environment friendly solution, since cellulose is actually fabricated from reprocessed newspapers.

Lastly, let’s not leave out spray foam insulation. This particular insulation type was mostly used in commercial applications, nevertheless it is now a lot more common than it used to be. This is a material that expands, and it becomes a few times larger in its dilated state. This lets it cover every little opening and thus create a highly effective insulation. Spray foam has high R-values, making it particularly profitable in cold climates. This is also a type of insulation that requires a professional installation procedure, since very specialized tools are needed in the process.

Now, how effective can attic insulation be in shrinking your energy bills? As a matter of fact, it can be extremely effective, and you will really be amazed to find out the fact that you could even pay up to 30% less for your energy bills! All you must do is get hold of a professional who will examine your attic and will tell you precisely what insulation type works best for your household.